Welcome to Delegation!

Thank you for taking the first step in delegation

As a small business owner, you know that time is money. You know that your resources only go so far. You know that your to do list is out of control.

I am here to tell you that it’s going to be all right. You’ve taken the first step towards a clean desk, a short task list and being streamlined and productive.

Modern technology helps many small businesses, local organizations, and individuals, to turn towards outsourcing a wide variety of administrative jobs to minimize their costs, save time, and receive quality work in a timely manner.

  • Is your to-do list out of control? Do you have a task called “Clean up to do list“?
  • Is your desk accumulating so much paper that your office has been confused for the local recycling plant?
  • Are your email inbox pages and pages long? What about your desk’s inbox?
  • Are you frustrated because no matter how hard you work, you seem like you’re getting nowhere and everything is still incomplete?

Let Out of the Office Virtual Assistance help you!

Out of the Office Virtual Assistance (OOFVA, for short) offers competitively priced virtual administrative services (or “VA”) and is located in the United States. Why outsource overseas, when you can find a cost-effective, reliable virtual professional in the US? Outsource locally!