About Us

Out of the Office Virtual Assistance (“OOFVA” for short) is committed to providing administrative business and personal assistant services. We are earth-friendly by working remotely, paperless and have green hosting with GreenGeeks.

Founded in 2006 by Denise Dukette, Out of the Office Virtual Assistance continues to thrive conventionally in a non-conventional industry. Denise is insanely curious and super enthusiastic and loves helping people, entrepreneurs and small businesses. She is your silent weapon, your office ninja, your partner.

Denise in one sentence: A crazy, hip,  insanely curious, super enthusiastic virtual assistant who thrives on keeping her clients sane.

At Out of the Office, we offer ideas and ways to increase your productivity, decrease your workload and work more efficiently. We nurture a successful business relationship, while continuing to grow as your business partner.

Focused on streamlining your administration, social media planning and execution, as well as creatively offering solutions to your business minutia.

Keep in mind, finding a business partner, an assistant, a secret weapon, is a lot like dating. Most don’t generally run to the altar with the first person they date, so take the time to start slowly with an outsourced partner. Overwhelming each other is not healthy for you, for me, or for the industry.

Take it slow. Baby steps slow. Build on it. Then we’ll rock!

If you succeed, we succeed. So let’s make it happen!