Networking Checklist

Networking is such a dirty word. I prefer to use the term “making relationships” .. because at the end of the day, that’s really what it is all about. I have made a quick networking event checklist to ensure that I don’t forget something when I attend an event. If you come ill-prepared, potential clients and referrals will be less than likely to refer an assistant who is disorganized. Maybe this will help you out too!

Software Tools Team Up With Virtual Assistants

Online software enables effective communication between employers and virtual assistants. Gone are the days where the only option is to employ someone locally. Synchronization and software tools open up the opportunity to employ the ideal virtual assistants from anywhere in the world. When the right software tools team up with the virtual assistant, it becomes a win-win combination for everyone.

Managing Client Passwords

Virtual Assistants, are you finding it harder and harder to keep your client’s passwords organized? With the many apps, software programs, and websites you log into and out of all day long, quick access to client files goes a long way to making you more productive and keeping you sane!

Tools to be a Successful Virtual Assistant

Now more than ever is an exciting time to start your own virtual assistant business. Whether you have been downsized or just want out of the corporate world, then start planning now to launch your own career. The best part is: you determine your income, your hours, your work location, and your clients. You can’t say that working for someone else!

How to Make your Time on Google+ Pay

An important social network that has been overlooked or ignored by all but a niche group is Google+. It remains popular with technology enthusiasts but has recently started gaining traction in the publishing world, especially amongst newspapers and online news sites. There are many features that set Google+ apart from Facebook, and these can be used to maximize opportunities in your business.

How to Use YouTube Videos to Train Your Virtual Assistant

One of the most important details to pay attention to when hiring a virtual assistant is how effectively you communicate your existing systems and processes to them. This includes what you expect from them, what your deadlines are, and what your required standards are for each assigned task. If the virtual assistant is based inRead more

5 Ways To Get Rid of the Perfectionist Tendencies

There is nothing wrong with wanting to do something right. However, when you spend unnecessary time in trying to make something perfect, it can cost you money, especially as a freelancer. Time is a freelancer’s friend or enemy, depending how you use it. As a perfectionist, time becomes your enemy because you are spending farRead more