Delegation Equals More Time for You

“I’m awesome! Who can do a better job than me?!” Where have I heard this before? Let’s get down to basics, if you are a small business owner, you can not do everything, nor should you. Because of your uncertainty that delegated work will be done to your standard, you cannot move on to new tasks. You’ll have to learn how to let go and to train your team to do your usual tasks. Don’t forget, your team includes your contractors, assistants (virtual, or otherwise), bookkeepers & accountants and anyone else you pay to help you stay productive.

10 Tips for Time Management

You don’t need more time in your day, you simply need to organize your time better. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish each day with a bit of structure, prioritizing and commitment in your personal life and your office. Below we look at 10 steps you can implement today.

The Power of “No” .. Revisited

How often do you use the word “no” to protect your time, productivity and creativity? You are probably aware of the power of “no” when it comes to the concept of time-management as a whole, but you may have overlooked it purely as a technique to boost your productivity and more so to your creative output.

7 Ways to Be A Better Project Manager When You Aren’t One

We aren’t all Project Managers by nature, but the role of a virtual assistant in business is evolving and suggests we will all need to acquire basic skills in project management. A large portion of the workforce already consists of people who grew up using social media and other social communication tools, giving rise to a work environment that is driven more by collaboration. How can you enhance your project management skills without additional training? By developing and adapting the following skills that you already have.

Stress: Bad .. Delegation: Good

Are you buckling under stress and a demanding workload? Are you constantly in a hurry and worried about not having enough time? Are you trying to do everything yourself?


You may think that doing everything yourself ensures that it is done on time, and done well, but you are mistaken. The truth is that by trying to do it all yourself you are not only burning yourself out, but you are also more likely to make mistakes, because of stress.

Conquer Time: Use the One Touch Philosophy

As a busy virtual assistant juggling several clients, I am a firm believer in the “one touch” philosophy. When it comes to managing time and tasks, I find email can be one of technology’s greatest sources of procrastination. You open an email … read it …. decide if it can wait … flag it …. come back to it … and open it again. What does this mean to your virtual assistance business? Time is money and you are letting it tick away or spill over into your personal time.

How to Use YouTube Videos to Train Your Virtual Assistant

One of the most important details to pay attention to when hiring a virtual assistant is how effectively you communicate your existing systems and processes to them. This includes what you expect from them, what your deadlines are, and what your required standards are for each assigned task. If the virtual assistant is based inRead more

5 Signs You Need a Virtual Assistant

The idea of spending money without good reason is anathema to many business owners, particularly when it comes to hiring someone to help get the job done. There is,however, absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a Virtual Assistant, and can be essential to your business success and growth. But how do you know when the timeRead more

A Smarter Approach to Time Management

Time-management is not so much about managing your time as it is about managing yourself. The only way to achieve your goals in a fast evolving world is to remain flexible, and constantly revise your schedule and priorities. What can you do in your personal capacity to maximize your output while still having time and energy left for yourself and your family?