5 Essentials in Your Home Office

One of the joys of working at home is that you can set up your office the way you want and that is most effective for you. It’s a chance to work in a place that is completely you. Don’t be shy to experiment in layout but make sure you have the essentials. So what does every home office really need?

2013 … That’s a Wrap!

As the end of the year rolls around, I have the tendency to smirk at those who profess their New Year’s Resolutions. While I applaud your efforts for thinking about what goal you want to accomplish, why wait until January 1st, or why not put off things until February 1st? I know, I’m not a lover of procrastination, but hear me out..

Going Paperless: Catalogs

At Out of the Office Virtual Assistance, we maintain a low carbon imprint .. and are proud of our socially responsible initiatives. We run paperless and coach clients and virtual assistants and other virtual professionals on ways to reduce your paper imprint. This post is just one of many posts that we have put together to help you go paperless.

Paperless Technology in Your Home Office

Continuing from the first part in this series, we’re here to talk about going paperless. Stay tuned .. part three will be forthcoming! When transforming your office to a paperless office, you need help. There are paperless systems and technologies that can be used by large companies, but also by people working from home. YouRead more

What is a Paperless Office?

Transforming your office to a paperless office is not something that happens overnight. You need to take step by step. Changing everything at once can become so overwhelming, that you decide not to convert at all. This a process that will be ongoing, and will improve as technology improves. Taking the first step is essential and it is the first step in protecting your planet.

Make Your Home Office Completely Green

One in five Americans have left their daily commuting job to transition to working from home. Though this is an eco-friendly step by helping reduce the use of gasoline, this not the end of it. No way .. you can do more! No matter whether you are part of a full-time work-from-home team, or use a home office after office work you can take further steps for improvement.