10 Steps to a Green Office at Home

Working from home is already a step in the direction of becoming eco-friendly. By not driving to work, less pollution is released into the atmosphere from gas consumption. This is the first step you have taken towards a green office or workspace at home. Wahooo! There are three things that embrace eco-friendly basics, namely reduce,Read more

Setting Up a Home Office

For setting up the home office to work properly, gadgets are less important than other intangibles in the office. Proper lighting, a desk and a ergonomic chair are very important. Large space is not really important and, as a matter of fact, it can be sometimes much easier to plan a smaller area than a larger one. Plan the work space in such a way that you have enough space for essential things like telephone and the same time ensuring that there is uncluttered space for writing notes etc. There should also be space to open the filing cabinets without trouble. If you are someone who uses whiteboards or corkboard, make sure you have room and is easily visible.