Getting Started with a Virtual Team

Like with any business, it’s important to manage expectations and have clear boundaries. This is even more important with a virtual business so make sure that you have clear, measurable goals in place and that your processes and vision are communicated effectively. Your team always needs to feel supported.

Philanthropy and Mentoring in Business: Why It’s a Winning Combination

Random acts of kindness pull at the heartstrings of all of us, sometimes even making us a bit jealous that “it” didn’t happen to us. I suppose that little green monster is in all of humanity, even in its smallest measurable amount. But when was the last time you proffered philanthropy to another? Just soRead more

The Power of “No” .. Revisited

How often do you use the word “no” to protect your time, productivity and creativity? You are probably aware of the power of “no” when it comes to the concept of time-management as a whole, but you may have overlooked it purely as a technique to boost your productivity and more so to your creative output.

Value is Not Dollar and Cents

People too frequently confuse affordable with cheap; I see the two as being very different from each other. Cheap is exactly that, it costs very little and has no value. Affordable on the other hand is measured not just in how much it cost, but in how much value that cost returned. Help your clients to see and identify the value in your service, what obstacles and challenges you will be able to help them overcome, how you will be able to help them move themselves and their business forward, and how much time you will be giving back to them.

7 Ways to Be A Better Project Manager When You Aren’t One

We aren’t all Project Managers by nature, but the role of a virtual assistant in business is evolving and suggests we will all need to acquire basic skills in project management. A large portion of the workforce already consists of people who grew up using social media and other social communication tools, giving rise to a work environment that is driven more by collaboration. How can you enhance your project management skills without additional training? By developing and adapting the following skills that you already have.

What is the Purpose of a Virtual Assistant?

Using a Virtual Assistant is an important step towards focusing on your core functions within your workplace. It is not an admission of defeat, nor is it a sign of weakness. This may be in the form of relieving you of non-essential tasks, or even allowing you to take a much needed break from work, even if it is only for a day or two. Naturally, you need to approach this correctly, putting a few measures in place, while also understanding how a virtual assistant can help.

Stress: Bad .. Delegation: Good

Are you buckling under stress and a demanding workload? Are you constantly in a hurry and worried about not having enough time? Are you trying to do everything yourself?


You may think that doing everything yourself ensures that it is done on time, and done well, but you are mistaken. The truth is that by trying to do it all yourself you are not only burning yourself out, but you are also more likely to make mistakes, because of stress.

2013 … That’s a Wrap!

As the end of the year rolls around, I have the tendency to smirk at those who profess their New Year’s Resolutions. While I applaud your efforts for thinking about what goal you want to accomplish, why wait until January 1st, or why not put off things until February 1st? I know, I’m not a lover of procrastination, but hear me out..