The Woes of Eco-Friendliness at Conventions .. and Ideas for Being Green

Out of the Office Virtual Assistance is participating in another upcoming conference – Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce’s small BIZ VT summit next month. While we are excited to exhibit and meet some great folks, there is always that gut-tightening feeling. No .. I’m not talking about nerves. I reserve that for the 2-3 days before the conference. What eats away at my psyche is finding eco-friendly collateral materials and promotional items to have in our booth.

Working hard to maintain our green policies, it can be very challenging, and somewhat disheartening, to plan for a conference. The obvious “gimmicks” – disposable pens, post-it’s, key chains, etc. When you remove plastics and disposables, you’re not left with many affordable options. Since we run paperless, using a promotional item such as journals, are hypocritical. So what are some other options?

Going Paperless: Catalogs

At Out of the Office Virtual Assistance, we maintain a low carbon imprint .. and are proud of our socially responsible initiatives. We run paperless and coach clients and virtual assistants and other virtual professionals on ways to reduce your paper imprint. This post is just one of many posts that we have put together to help you go paperless.

5 Ways To Have an Eco-friendly Work Place

Most people spend the majority of their day at their office. You become someone else when it comes to your habits. At home you will plan your meals, for example, at the office you’ll eat food high in carbohydrates that you normally won’t eat at home. It’s as if you are more resourceful at homeRead more