7 Tips for Emailing Busy Professionals

Want a very busy person to take note when they receive an email from you? Of course! There are straight-forward techniques that can be of enormous help to improve the amount of action you receive on your vital emails. In addition, your recipients will also appreciate it .. as much as anyone loves email. Here are some tips on emailing purposefully to grab his or her attention.

Business Writing in 2015

Writing in 2015, is actually more important now than it was in the past. Businesses rely on their websites and other online content to show who they truly are to their customers, potential customers and colleagues. The words on a webpage are what makes the real impression. Are your words clearly communicating your story from your own perspective in your own voice? They need to be. Here you will find 8 writing rules to help you fine tune your writing for your blog, website, or social media page.

Communication Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them

We all communicate on a daily basis and sometimes we experience a little miscommunication. It happens. No matter how much effort we put into communicating accurately and effectively, we’ve all had an error here and there. Below are the most common communication mistakes that we’ve all been guilty of before and should avoid making in the future.

Communicating When You Don’t Want To

The world is full of people who can bring about positive change in our lives .. people who can fill our days with new and rewarding experiences. Unfortunately, from time to time, we encounter people who are a little more difficult to interact with. Their negative comments or actions bring about stress, annoyance, or worse. Whether family member, co-worker, client or friend, it can be exhausting to keep up appearances. Worse than that, it can be a strain to constantly keep your temper under control. Here’s some quick tips of working and communicating with those toxic clients, those Debbie Downers, those ultra-grumpy ones.

The Power of “No” .. Revisited

How often do you use the word “no” to protect your time, productivity and creativity? You are probably aware of the power of “no” when it comes to the concept of time-management as a whole, but you may have overlooked it purely as a technique to boost your productivity and more so to your creative output.

How To: Make an e-Introduction

First, always make sure that both parties are fine with an introduction. If you are overbooked week after week, the last thing you really want is an introduction to another potential client, or worse, someone who “wants to pick your brain.” If someone is asking you for an introduction, and you don’t know them well, they seem questionable at best, or if they are looking to talk to your superstar client, be wary. You don’t need to say “Yes!” and feel free to employ the “Power of No!” that I’ve written about a time or two. Remember, having a diverse quality network is important for you and your business.

Controlling your Email Chaos with Gmail

Email. The bane of our existence but something no business can exist without. Like a wild animal, email can be tamed and turned into something that we manage, rather than being managed by. Gmail is an outstanding email client, not only because it is free and gives you easy access to your mail no matter where you are, but also because of the powerful tools it includes to help you tame the beast. Let us take a look at some of these features, including some you might not be aware of.