Don’t be a Defeatist! Eliminate Self-Limiting Behavior

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you must first get past any thoughts or beliefs that are self-limiting. These thoughts and beliefs will hinder the success of your business. There is room for improvement in your business but you must realize the difference between finding areas to improve and having self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Business Writing in 2015

Writing in 2015, is actually more important now than it was in the past. Businesses rely on their websites and other online content to show who they truly are to their customers, potential customers and colleagues. The words on a webpage are what makes the real impression. Are your words clearly communicating your story from your own perspective in your own voice? They need to be. Here you will find 8 writing rules to help you fine tune your writing for your blog, website, or social media page.

Grow Your Business Using These Five Tips

Starting a business is tough .. no exaggeration. To start and run a business is both nerve-racking, petrifying .. and a dozen other emotions. It doesn’t matter if you are drafting the initial business plan, just opened the doors, or been around for awhile. Planning will alleviate much of the risk, but not all. You can’t control everything in life, nor in business. Want to grow your company? Here are five guidelines to help you do that.

Are You a Corvette or a Corolla? A Lesson in Setting Your Rate

A common dilemma that many who are starting out on their entrepreneurial journey as a virtual assistant face is: What should I charge for my rate? They look at their competitors and set their price on the lower end of the price range that they observed .. or worse, compare to those rates on bid-to-hire sites, which are notoriously low. The reasoning behind this seems to make sense, they want to compete and they don’t want the price tag to be the reason they didn’t get that customer. So let me be clear: This is NOT a good strategy. Period.

5 Decisions That Will Enhance Marketing Strategy for a Small Business

I always encourage any business owner, even a small solopreneur virtual assistant practice to have a solid marketing strategy and plan .. and to review it every quarter. If you don’t review it periodically, how will you know what is (or is not) working? If you continue to marketing by means that are not returning on your investment, and remember that time is money, then you are throwing money out the window. That’s not smart. A flawless marketing strategy defines effective and professional business actions. That is the why one entrepreneur will be confidently leading a budding business and another business owner stuck in survival mode. I know which business owner I’d prefer to be.

Networking Checklist

Networking is such a dirty word. I prefer to use the term “making relationships” .. because at the end of the day, that’s really what it is all about. I have made a quick networking event checklist to ensure that I don’t forget something when I attend an event. If you come ill-prepared, potential clients and referrals will be less than likely to refer an assistant who is disorganized. Maybe this will help you out too!