Why I Love Freecycle

Every time you declutter your home you will find stuff that are still useful and could benefit someone else. Usually it is not worth the effort and time to try and sell these objects. Though some can be donated to charity, it is often better to give it to the Freecycle group in your local area.

There should be a Freecycle group in every local community in the world, dedicated to keep still handy items out of the garbage bin. These groups usually communicate by a list of emails. There are quite a few reasons to become a volunteer in your local group:

To Freecycle is easy. An item is offered, people who wish to have the item show their interest and a recipient is chosen. The recipient will pick it up at your house, if that is your choice. You don’t have to drive anywhere or drop the Freecycled items off, unless of course, you want to. Your presence at home is not even needed for the pick-up.

This way, things that aren’t easy do donate like a slightly used expensive shampoo that does not work for you, can easily be freecycled. Books that have been highlighted and have writing in their margins, clothes hangers that was about to get tossed, an incomplete set of motivating CDs and even houseplants are all ideal items to Freecycle.

The gratification of giving something away on a Freecycle is the knowledge that someone who really needs it will be taking care of it. It is a noble feeling especially with worthwhile causes like giving school supplies to teachers or giving yarn to a group of knitters that knit accessories to donate to a charity nearby.

When you Freecycle for a friend, you can forward the grateful notes of thanks. Your friend might have lost interest in some Christmas ornaments and ask you to offer them up to your Freecycle group. Someone else might be very thankful and find them gorgeous; caringly putting them on their tree and making them part of their precious Christmas memories.

Neighbors can get to know each other this way. Instead of only passing each other with a quick wave, when paths cross on Freecycle neighbors actually learn a lot about each other from the requests they put up on Freecycle. Someone unexpectedly might be into gardening or cooking. Good friends can be made on freecycle, even someone just living a block away. A friendship might be formed over a single Freecycled CD. Some might over time realize how much they have in common, as they realize that they request or give away the same kinds of things.

So what steps do you need to take to join a local Freecycle email group? Head over to Freecycle.org where you will find a network of Freecycle groups. But, not all groups who freecycle are on this network, so use your usual search engine and find a group who operates locally. Use your city’s name plus ‘Freecycle.’

If you’re in the UK, search for Freegle 😉