What Type of Virtual Assistant are You?

The virtual assistant industry is incredibly diverse, yet it is not an oversimplification to state that you will find two categories of people in this industry.

The first category consists of those who love the industry, and take great pride in applying their skills exceptionally well. They demonstrate a keen ability to think creatively and to apply critical reasoning in completing any task, and are not interested in just getting the job done; it must be done properly. They constantly evaluate their own level of performance, always striving to elevate it.

Falling into the second category are those individuals who see this simply as another job. They were drawn to this industry not out of a love for administrative work, but as a means to make extra money. This is reflected in their unwillingness to apply any effort to what they do, often waiting for their client to not only tell them what to do, but also how to do it. They apply very little self-evaluation to what they do, and seldom exert themselves.

The first category obviously provides the most value to the client, but also adds value to the industry. Virtual assistants who fall into the first category help foster confidence and build relationships with their clients that are founded on trust.

As an administrative expert, your skill and competency is demonstrated in everything you do. You should be managing your personal schedule as efficiently as you manage your professional schedule, and every single written communication should be professional and coherent. Any communication that is incoherent and displays poor use of grammar and spelling will certainly not inspire confidence amongst colleagues and potential clients. Your clients are expecting any work completed by you to be accurate and professional, and any behavior that shows a poor command of language will raise doubt.

Which category do you fall into? Do you always demonstrate a high level of professionalism and integrity? Or do you resort to poorly constructed arguments on Internet forums whenever you lose a client? No Virtual Assistant would be happy to lose a client, but ensure that if this does happen, it is not related to your skill. Or lack thereof.

About Out of the Office Virtual Assistance:

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