What it Means to be a Work at Home Professional

What it Means to be a Work at Home Professional

Working from the comfort of your home and being able to work at your own pace are just some of the benefits of the work at home professional. Trust me .. there’s a whole lot more!

Some may like the fact that there is no boss or other coworkers constantly breathing down your neck to get things done. While this may be a benefit to some, your clients are still “your boss” and keeping them apprised of your tasks, schedule and any issues, roadblocks, and suggestions are part of what it means to be a virtual assistant. Losing the presence of “the boss” is only beneficial is you are extremely disciplined and are able to keep yourself motivated.

Here are 6 strategies that you should implement into your daily routine to make sure you are on task, transparent and motivated.

Set goals

All large corporations have an ultimate vision for their company. Just because you are a solopreneur does not mean you should not apply goal setting to your small business. Set small goals that will eventually translate into larger long term goals. Giving yourself deadlines for these goals and working towards them on a daily basis will ensure that the reward of achieving your ultimate goals are met in the future. Remember to use S.M.A.R.T. goals:

S Specific
M Measurable
A Attainable
R Relevant
T Time-based

Make a to-do list every day

I often ask my SCORE clients, “Would you go on a road trip across the country, to destinations unknown, without a map (or Google Maps)?” They laugh and say, “Of course not.” Why would you not map out your day, then? Tasks are your map on your business journey. Click To Tweet

Making a list and working toward the items every day is a way to achieve these smaller goals, one day at a time. When you make this list first thing in the morning and work on the items throughout the day, this will keep you productive. Consider a tool like Asana to track everything in both your business and personal life. For the solopreneur, that’s a blurred line anyway!

Stay positive

Prepare yourself for any setbacks and do not let them discourage you, understand these things happen. Do not get upset; instead, try to figure out ways to fix the problem and how you can prevent them in the future. Your goals and your to-do list may need to be tweaked, and this is normal, they will still help you keep on track.

Learn from your failures and keep moving forward.

Stay organized

Having an organized workspace is a must. Not only will you misplace things when your workspace is cluttered, you will also lose time. Work on your goals and to-do lists, one item at a time, this keeps you productive. Eliminate multi-tasking from your day-to-day operations.

Keep it professional

You may be working at home on your couch in your pajamas (which I don’t recommend .. ever), but do not let this reflect in your work. Use professional phone and email etiquette when corresponding with your clients, and they will be none the wiser that you have not gotten dressed yet. Also. nice business cards and a polished website add a professional touch to your at home business.

Have fun!

The happier you are, the more productive you will be. Happiness is contagious; this will bring you more clients. No one wants to hire someone who hates their job, be passionate about what you do. After all, you have the best job in the world; let this reflect in the work you produce.

Following these simple steps may not seem like much, but will help you tremendously in the long run. After a while, they will become natural and part of your everyday routine.

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