4 Reasons to End a Client Relationship

4 Reasons for Ending a Client Relationship

Nobody likes saying goodbye. Sometimes, whether the relationship is of a personal or business nature, the ultimate ending of it is inevitable. Being an entrepreneur you may find it necessary to cut ties with associates due to a variety of reasons – personality clashes, they aren’t prompt with payments, or they are inconsistent with everyRead more

Communicating When You Don’t Want To

The world is full of people who can bring about positive change in our lives .. people who can fill our days with new and rewarding experiences. Unfortunately, from time to time, we encounter people who are a little more difficult to interact with. Their negative comments or actions bring about stress, annoyance, or worse. Whether family member, co-worker, client or friend, it can be exhausting to keep up appearances. Worse than that, it can be a strain to constantly keep your temper under control. Here’s some quick tips of working and communicating with those toxic clients, those Debbie Downers, those ultra-grumpy ones.