Solopreneurs Can Benefit from Co-Working Spaces

Solopreneurs Can Benefit from Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces are the modern take on business networking, collaboration and productivity. As a solopreneur, they are a great alternative to the home office, and certainly more cost effective than leasing traditional commercial office space.

Small Business Marketing Strategies That Won’t Break the Bank

Marketing doesn’t have to cost your small business a lot of money. Try some of these alternatives to continually opening your wallet or expending time that you cannot afford to .. and they are less expensive but equally effective.

Is it Time to Get A Virtual Assistant?

With technology growing every day, you have many options to choose from when it comes to recruiting assistance for your business and/or personal life. Delegating to a responsible, reliable virtual professional is not “handing off your work” to another .. it’s responsible business management. If you are reading this asking, ”Do I need to hire a virtual assistant?” then chances are you do. Ask yourself these five simple questions and you will know for sure.

Want a Better Professional Network -Bypass Social Media

Online networking has its place, but it shouldn’t be the only way you build your professional network .. even if you’re a virtual administrative professional. If you want deeper connections and networking that will help you long-term, here are five strategies you can put in place.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Improve Your Business

Almost any business can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant, whether you’re a manager with several staff members or a solopreneur. Most virtual assistants have a varied skill set, though most people associate them with only secretarial work. In reality, many VAs also offer other skills like writing blog posts, doing basic graphic design work & tweaks, doing HTML and WordPress work, and so on.

Benefits to Working with a Small Business Virtual Assistant

As a small business owner you are probably used to multi-tasking, and when you first start your business it is all but unavoidable to do everything yourself. Once your business is established, and growing steadily, it does not make sense to keep doing this. You will not only be putting unnecessary strain on yourself, but your business too; and if you find yourself turning down new clients due to lack of time, you have definitely reached the point of having to take action.