Delegating to a Virtual Assistant Team

If you’re in a leadership role, the concept of delegation won’t be new to you .. it’s an essential skill to have. What might be a little more challenging is delegating to a team that works for you remotely, like when you contract with a virtual assistant. Some businesses have whole teams working remotely, over several different time zones. Managing how people work on projects together can be challenging but well worth the effort. Here are some simple tips that can help you to effectively delegate to your remote virtual administrative team.

Getting Started with a Virtual Team

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Like with any business, it’s important to manage expectations and have clear boundaries. This is even more important with a virtual business so make sure that you have clear, measurable goals in place and that your processes and vision are communicated effectively. Your team always needs to feel supported.

4 Tips for Eliminating Scope Creep

Scope creep needs to be managed from the very start of a project occurs when someone decides they want to change something or take things in another direction. Daunting to prevent, but doing so will keep your costs, processes, and deadlines where they belong. Here are four tips to reduce or eliminate scope creep, whether for a seasoned project manager or a virtual assistant tackling a client project.

7 Ways to Be A Better Project Manager When You Aren’t One

We aren’t all Project Managers by nature, but the role of a virtual assistant in business is evolving and suggests we will all need to acquire basic skills in project management. A large portion of the workforce already consists of people who grew up using social media and other social communication tools, giving rise to a work environment that is driven more by collaboration. How can you enhance your project management skills without additional training? By developing and adapting the following skills that you already have.

Software Tools Team Up With Virtual Assistants

Online software enables effective communication between employers and virtual assistants. Gone are the days where the only option is to employ someone locally. Synchronization and software tools open up the opportunity to employ the ideal virtual assistants from anywhere in the world. When the right software tools team up with the virtual assistant, it becomes a win-win combination for everyone.

10 Ways a Small Business Can Take Advantage of Contracting a Virtual Assistant

Contracting a Virtual Assistant (VA) is probably the best business decision you may ever take. Seriously! An efficient virtual assistant can help you deal with the day-to-day administrative chores, so that you can concentrate on other productive. Listed below are ten ways in which a VA can support you.