Do You Have a Plan B?

Think about all the tools that you use on a daily basis – the ones that make and drive your business. If one of them were to disappear or become irrevocably unusable, do you have a Plan B? If you don’t, sit down and really think about the impact of not having a backup system. Without a Plan B, if something goes awry, and things will go awry, you need to have a plan, a process, and a procedure, to keep moving and keep your productivity levels high.

Calendar Planning Tips

Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook have a lot of similar features, and the preference of one over the other ultimately comes down to your own needs. The following 7 steps are aimed at current users of Google Calendar, and those thinking of switching soon. They examine ways in which you can use Google Calendar to improve your scheduling and give you a clearer view of what events and deadlines are coming up.