Small Business Marketing Strategies That Won’t Break the Bank

Marketing doesn’t have to cost your small business a lot of money. Try some of these alternatives to continually opening your wallet or expending time that you cannot afford to .. and they are less expensive but equally effective.

Networking Events and Your Checklist

Networking is such a dirty word. I prefer to use the term “making relationships” .. because at the end of the day, that’s really what it is all about, especially if you are an introvert. As part of our continuing goals, we’ve been getting out there and meeting new folks, reacquainting with others and spreadingRead more

5 Content Marketing Strategies

Marketing is important, in fact, it’s what most business owners spend the most time doing. However, it’s also important to prioritize. There are plenty of ways to get the marketing that you need done without taking up all your time and resources. Below are a few tips to have an effective content marketing strategy while keeping focused.

5 Decisions That Will Enhance Marketing Strategy for a Small Business

I always encourage any business owner, even a small solopreneur virtual assistant practice to have a solid marketing strategy and plan .. and to review it every quarter. If you don’t review it periodically, how will you know what is (or is not) working? If you continue to marketing by means that are not returning on your investment, and remember that time is money, then you are throwing money out the window. That’s not smart. A flawless marketing strategy defines effective and professional business actions. That is the why one entrepreneur will be confidently leading a budding business and another business owner stuck in survival mode. I know which business owner I’d prefer to be.

5 Tips for Making Social Media Marketing Work

For businesses today, it’s not uncommon to have multiple social media accounts, across various platforms. For any business wanting to be at the top of their game, it’s a must. Unfortunately, many businesses are lacking the ability to utilize their accounts to their full potential. Business that are not online-based can find social media marketing especially difficult to navigate. Traditionally, marketing has been all about pushing products and the newest thing. In today’s increasingly social environment, this simply doesn’t work anymore. If you want to get past those product-centric tweets and self-advertising status updates, try these five ways of making your social media marketing more successful.

Networking Checklist

Networking is such a dirty word. I prefer to use the term “making relationships” .. because at the end of the day, that’s really what it is all about. I have made a quick networking event checklist to ensure that I don’t forget something when I attend an event. If you come ill-prepared, potential clients and referrals will be less than likely to refer an assistant who is disorganized. Maybe this will help you out too!

Consider a Virtual Assistant as Your Powerful Marketing Weapon

With the proper team of virtual assistants you can go from having no website or social media presence, to having a professional and dynamic website, with hundreds of pages of relevant and engaging information. Your team of virtual assistants will not only take care of the design and coding of the website, but also the creation of the content, which is a vital part of your marketing. The social media aspect of your marketing can also be taken care of by a VA who not only creates the necessary social profiles, but also manages the content and gathering of important market related information regarding your customers.