How to Save Time by Bookmarking Multiple Google Accounts

Already using Google for work? For multiple clients? For home? It’s a pain switching back and forth between accounts. Here’s how to set up bookmarks to take you directly to the different Google accounts, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Photos and Google+.

Time Management is Everything to a Virtual Assistant

Remember the early days in your career when a simple to-do list was enough to keep your virtual assistance business on track? Over time business picked up until you soon found yourself juggling several clients’ tasks. Business is booming! Great news right? Not always.

Software Tools Team Up With Virtual Assistants

Online software enables effective communication between employers and virtual assistants. Gone are the days where the only option is to employ someone locally. Synchronization and software tools open up the opportunity to employ the ideal virtual assistants from anywhere in the world. When the right software tools team up with the virtual assistant, it becomes a win-win combination for everyone.

Calendar Planning Tips

Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook have a lot of similar features, and the preference of one over the other ultimately comes down to your own needs. The following 7 steps are aimed at current users of Google Calendar, and those thinking of switching soon. They examine ways in which you can use Google Calendar to improve your scheduling and give you a clearer view of what events and deadlines are coming up.