5 Easy Ways To Get and Stay Organized

Sometimes it can feel like you’re not managing your time well and tasks aren’t getting done. I know .. I’ve been there. Instead of feeling like you’re playing catch up, try these five easy things to make you feel like you’re moving forward.

Do You Have a Plan B?

Think about all the tools that you use on a daily basis – the ones that make and drive your business. If one of them were to disappear or become irrevocably unusable, do you have a Plan B? If you don’t, sit down and really think about the impact of not having a backup system. Without a Plan B, if something goes awry, and things will go awry, you need to have a plan, a process, and a procedure, to keep moving and keep your productivity levels high.

Read it Later: A Google+ to Evernote Lifesaver

Throughout the course of the day, there is a tremendous amount of information that passes across my screen. I am eternally grateful that I get paid by clients to read and somehow, I have the feeling that they like that I can read fast. However, there are times when you’re sitting there thinking, “I should take the time to read this at my leisure,” or “I should really save that snippet of noggin knowledge. I know I’ll need that at a later date.” I find this happening more and more in Google+, where I spend a healthy majority of my social media time.

So “read it later” means staying in my office after hours to read? Pft! No!!

Tools to be a Successful Virtual Assistant

Now more than ever is an exciting time to start your own virtual assistant business. Whether you have been downsized or just want out of the corporate world, then start planning now to launch your own career. The best part is: you determine your income, your hours, your work location, and your clients. You can’t say that working for someone else!