Small Business Marketing Strategies That Won’t Break the Bank

Marketing doesn’t have to cost your small business a lot of money. Try some of these alternatives to continually opening your wallet or expending time that you cannot afford to .. and they are less expensive but equally effective.

Mythbusting: Content Marketing Pt. 2

There are so many myths regarding content marketing and it’s hard to know what to believe. Our last post talked about eight of these myths, but we believe it’s important to cover another eight myths that you should be aware of.

Mythbusting: Content Marketing Pt. 1

Like most marketing terms, “content marketing” sounds quite general, so many people wonder what is classed as content marketing and what isn’t. At its simplest level, content marketing is about using any form or all forms of content to drive traffic to a specific site or platform. In saying that, it still sounds really general, so it’s understandable how many myths there are surrounding content marketing.

Prepping for a 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Getting started with a new habit is always a bit daunting. We want to do it, we know we can do it .. but we tend to face two issues: getting started and sticking with it. Let’s address each of those issues to kick off the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

Utilizing a Virtual Assistant to Market Your Blog

Managing a blog can be broken down into tasks that need to completed daily, monthly and 2-3 times a year. Once you understand the frequency of specific tasks you can compile a schedule with your Virtual Assistant that can then form part of their normal routine of work.

Content is King .. Even for Virtual Assistants

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Google Authorship. Should virtual assistants really care? Absolutely! For any VA who has a website, blogs for themselves, or blogs for clients, they should understand how to establish authorship for original content to earn higher page rankings in the search engines.

Benefits of WordPress for Blogs and Websites

The concept of blogging has been with us for over a decade and it has evolved considerably in that time. What started out as an easy and convenient way for individuals to share details about their lives has steadily become a tool companies use to engage and communicate with their customers.