How to Stay Positive as a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, I spend a lot of time in my home office. A lot. I also spend the vast majority of that time alone. It’s not that uncommon for virtual assistants to return to the corporate world because they truly miss the social element of being with others.

When you are committed to making your VA practice successful, you will inevitably spend much of your time working alone. Yes, you still have your clients (and teams) to discuss and collaborate with but it’s not the same as being able to walk over to the watercooler, to a cubicle or office.

Sometimes all that alone time can have a negative effect on your mind and psyche. Plus, you can still be “alone” in a room of others. It’s a state of mind, after all. If you can put your mind in a positive place, nothing can keep you down. Below are 5 ways to boost up your positive attitude, no matter the situation.

1. Handle Rejection

Don’t let rejections get the best of you. Sure, it’s easy to get discouraged but if you push forward, over time it matters less and less. Often you will find that these minor setbacks in life are opportunities to go back and do better, this time getting better results!

Learn from your rejection & failures .. then move forward

2. Let Go Of Resentment

Harboring resentment only rots your attitude and breaks down your spirit. It also gives the impression that you have no control over your own life, but really, you make your own choices and they all have consequences. Accept responsibility for where you are and take own your life. To keep your attitude positive, keep with the thought that there is no justifiable reason to be resentful.

As a virtual assistant, we sell clients on stress reduction through task delegation. If stress is such an issue in life, then you need to realize that stress from resentment is still stress and you your body doesn’t differentiate between “a little bit” of stress and “a lot” of stress.

Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies. –Nelson Mandela

3. Keep Like Company

Associating with positive people will rub off on you .. just as keeping company with negative people will bring you down. Spend the least amount of time possible with these Debbie Downers and surround yourself with positive influences instead.

Be the positive influence in someone else’s life.

4. Give At Least One Compliment A Day

Everyone likes to get compliments, it makes them feel good. Making others feel good makes you feel good, so giving genuine compliments will be a win-win for the giver and the recipient.

Morning ritual: Send a compliment tweet to someone. Start their day off right.

5. Be An Enthusiastic Person

Being enthusiastic will draw people to you and it rubs off on others like you wouldn’t believe. Sure, you might not always be feeling it but it’s good to force it. Fake it til you make it! Having a positive outlook on life is a precious thing to have and it is so rare in this world, if you use these tips as a place to start, you will be on the right path to a happy life.

Life’s too short. Embrace life fully and move forward.

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