Simple Steps to Optimize Your Blog Post

Simple, easy to read words can create miracles for your blog and social media presence when they are well crafted. Optimizing a blog is no different than marketing your brand and business in the best way to get maximum traffic. Therefore, the words and the style of a blog determine its ranking in the search engines and in turn its success in marketing your brand. Low quality and poorly created content on your blog doesn’t increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization .. a.k.a. your ranking when performing a Google search), doesn’t yield you traffic and, therefore, won’t help your business survive the competition.

So let’s talk about some ways to optimize your blog post, shall we?

Q&A Style of Writing

People search online for information. If such information is provided in a simple and effective manner, no doubt, that blog will attain higher ranks in search engines and thereby draw better traffic.

Use a Question in the Title

Conversational tone is the most successful way of conveying facts. Examples like, “How Do I Start out with a Virtual Assistant?” and “What do I Look for in a Virtual Assistant?” make it easy for you to write about, and aid the potential reader who is searching for the answer to said question. Search engines too, follow the same principle. Therefore, making the title of a blog a question is the best way to optimize it. This will increase the chances of getting noticed by searchers and will draw more potential customers to your blog.

Using Relevant Phrases

The relevance of the phrases also matters. The more a question or title is relevant to a search term; higher will be the ranking of that link in the search results.

Key Word Optimization: The Right Word in Right Place

Needless to say that irrelevant and unnecessary key keywords will not only reduce your SEO ranking but will also disappoint the readers. Why would you expend time, effort and energy in writing if no one reads your blog?

Write for Human Beings Not Machines

This is so important! Never try to get noticed by search engines by overloading keywords irrespective of whether it is related to the topic or not.

Do Not Overload the Blog with Keywords

Keywords are like salt in our food intake. They need to be included in adequate quantity but overuse will cause serious damages to our body. Similarly, a blog overloaded with keywords will bring negative results than attaining better rankings and traffic. Plain and simple – this is a sure-fire way to reduce your SEO ranking.

Keyword Density

Don’t worry about the density (also called “keyword stuffing”). of the keyword in a blog post because having high density of keywords will not be considered favorably by search engines like Google as they are looking for informative blog posts than those filled with fluffy words.

Guiding the Potential Customers

Having an informative blog with well-optimized content will not yield the desired results unless the potential customers are properly guided to become leads.

Call to Action

Any potential customer would like to get more information about his or her topic of interest. Providing a call to action to gather more information about the business or brand by means of landing pages or e-books will ensure better conversion ratio.

Social Sharing Icons

Utilization of social sharing icons in a blog post is one of the best methods to reach out to more audience and gain traffic. It is like widening your marketing horizon indirectly.

Content optimization is the nerve center of any blog. The time and efforts expended in your blogging needs to have an objective,  quantifiable ROI. Once you break down the mechanics of optimizing your blog posts, you will gain higher SEO ranking, more readers, more engagement (comments, shares, etc.) and will take your business to the next level

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