Read it Later: A Google+ to Evernote Lifesaver

Throughout the course of the day, there is a tremendous amount of information that passes across my screen. I am eternally grateful that I get paid by clients to read and somehow, I have the feeling that they like that I can read fast. However, there are times when you’re sitting there thinking, “I should take the time to read this at my leisure,” or “I should really save that snippet of noggin knowledge. I know I’ll need that at a later date.” I find this happening more and more in Google+, where I spend a healthy majority of my social media time.

So “read it later” means staying in my office after hours to read? Pft! No!!

Set up Evernote to hold all these golden nuggets of information. Then you always have the info and it’s all in one place and can access it across your various platforms 🙂

Here’s how to do it (and it’s super easy):

  1. Go to your circles in Google+.
  2. Create a new empty circle and call it Read it Later or Save to Evernote .. or whatever you’d like.
  3. Open up Evernote and go to Tools >> Account Info.  You will see a section called “Email Notes to” and see an convoluted email next to it with at the end. Copy that email address.
  4. Next, visit your GMail contacts and add a new contact using the email address.
  5. Once you input the info, you will see and Add & Invite button off to the left. Click it and select the circle you’ve just created (i.e. Read it Later, Save to Evernote, etc.)

To use:

  1. Once you have found the post in G+ that you’d like to save, simply hit the share button.
  2. In the To section put in your Read it Later circle AND check the Also send email to <insert Circle Name here>
  3. Hit the share button.

From there, it will sync up with Evernote 🙂 Short video to show you how:

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