Mythbusting: Outsourcing

Mark Twain once said that there are “lies, damn-lies, and statistics,” this statement holds very true when considering the task of outsourcing. There are many misconceptions that most people have come to believe as fact in the world of this growing profession.

Time to bust some myths about outsourcing!

1) Outsourcing is the grunt work of the unskilled

Most professionals today are highly competent and trained extensively in many different areas regarding outsourcing. They are completely capable of handling the entry level tasks while still providing quality service. Answering phone calls, scheduling appointments and replying to emails are just a few of these tasks that can be passed down and must be handling by someone who is, on the contrary, very skilled.

2) It is impossible to find quality providers

This is one of the most common, but nonetheless very false. We have been on hold for what seemed to be forever, only to have our call finally answered by a “professional” who was not properly trained to assist us with our problem and more than likely was not even fluent in the English language. Most reputable companies are aware of this and have shifted their focus to quality of customer service.

3) Hired contractors do not care about your company like you do

This is especially not true of the smaller companies where you will have one on one contact with your professional. This also allows you to focus on the bigger picture, giving you an edge on the larger businesses that are your ultimate competition. Outsourcing professionals take pride in their work and ultimately your company. If you cannot be the ultimate cheerleader for your client, then it’s time to reassess the relationship. A veteran virtual assistant will go out of their way to make to their clients’ business run smoothly.

4) Call centers are all in India

Consumers have been complaining about the service received in the past years and major corporations are listening. With customer service falling and wages rising in these countries, more and more business are looking to the homeland when considering outsourcing. As our trade show stickers say say, “Outsource locally!”

5) The outsourcing industry is dying

Companies have realized the importance of outsourcing and this has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. Technology and available workers have also increased dramatically in the recent years. In businesses today, outsourcing is a crucial part of all major corporations.

6) Small businesses do not outsource

This is a huge misconception. Most people will think this task is reserved only for larger businesses, when in fact; outsourcing while your business is small will give you an edge on the larger businesses and save you money.

7) It is risky and beyond your control

If you are the type who likes to micro-manage, then outsourcing may not be for you. It is not risky, but very beneficial if you find the right company to help with your smaller tasks. You should be able to find someone who is not only has the proper qualifications and track record, but who is also someone you can trust to get the job done without constant supervision.

This is the age of outsourcing where are of these misconceptions will soon be rumors of the past. If you are looking for talented competent workers to help build your company then outsourcing is definitely the right decision for you!

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