Moderating Criticism

Moderating Criticism

It’s been one of those days. Try as you may, it seems that nothing went right, Murphy’s Law was 10,000% in effect, and it as a week of Mondays compressed into one single eight-hour day.

I have those days too .. but how you handle and bounce back from one of those days is the important thing.

When someone attacks or criticizes you, it can be a challenge to let it go and not take it to heart. For the young, the sensitive, or if you’re just having a really emotional day, it can be especially difficult and make them feel like they are being mobbed from all sides.

These feelings can overwhelm us and cast a shadow over everything we try to do. Eventually, we can become anxious, unproductive, unfocused and lose the ability to bounce back and be ourselves.

Generally, when people criticize or attack you, it’s really more about them than it is about you.

How they’re feeling and reacting to their own lives can get thrown at others in the form of negative energy. If you take these comments to heart, instead of letting them simply drift away, then you will always be adjusting your behavior to suit the temporary needs of others. Doing this can lead to you losing touch with who you are at your very core.

We try to look at these incidents as learning opportunities — they are exercises in deflection and can help you to focus on who you are and what you really value.

When a person lashes out at you, use the situation to practice dodging negative energy. Doing this will help you to see what is really meant for you and what is simply being misdirected in your general direction.

Once you know how to manage these negative barrages, you can let them drift away from your life. You will become better at identifying and listening to the sincere feedback mixed within, instead of just being a target for the negativity,
frustration, and anger of those around you. Constructive feedback will be easier for you to recognize and accept.

Naturally, this process takes time, and we must be gentle with ourselves and remember that at the start, addressing this negativity can be damaging. Initially, it will be safer to let things simply drift away, rather than trying and address them.

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