Mindfulness for the Solopreneur

In the world today, our lives seem very hectic. We forget to make time for ourselves. We make it of utmost importance to schedule our meetings, but when was the last time you scheduled a meeting for just yourself?

Here are 10 tips to help you be mindful of your own person.

1) Live for the moment

Focusing on the past can bring many regrets. Focusing on the future can lead to anticipating things that may not ever come to pass, resulting in unwanted and unnecessary stress. Live right now! Be joyful in everything you do and keep moving forward. Today is the best day of your life, it is the only day you can control. You cannot control the past and do not yet know the future. Today is the best day of your life!

2) Accept the things you cannot change

This may seem cliché, but it is true that most things that stress us are unavoidable and inevitable anyway. Make lemonade from those lemons that life hands you.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

3) Visual therapy

Transporting ones self to a land of paradise has been use extensively as therapy in patients in hospital settings and has proven successful in alleviating pain. It seems logical it could work for us too. Sometimes imagining yourself on a beach or other body of water will not only reduce your blood pressure, but this will result in better heart health as well.

4) Slow down when you eat

Be mindful while eating. Savor every bite, chewing slowly. Food is meant to be enjoyed not rushed. When you eat fast, you disrupt your internal digestive system, leading to not only an unhappy stomach but more serious health conditions, including weight gain.

5) Start your day in the absence of technology

As a virtual assistant, this is a hard one and let’s face it, we all do it at some point or another. As soon as we wake up we check our phones or laptops. Many times before we have even gotten out of bed let alone enjoyed our first cup of coffee. Relax, try meditation. Give your body time to wake up before you start throwing the problems of the day into the mix

6) Be aware of your mistakes

Accept your mistakes but also be aware of them and hold yourself accountable for them. Use them to your advantage so that you may learn from them. We all make them, realize that we are not perfect. Take them as a lesson, and move on.

7) Take small breaks

Taking small frequent breaks can be more beneficial than you may realize. It gives you ample time to regroup and clear your mind. Do not beat yourself up over this, we all need to take advantage of resting.

8) Be patient

We have all been at that red light that seems to have not changed for the longest time. We tap our hands waiting impatiently for it to turn green. Take advantage of this time to be alone with yourself. Blowing the horn will not make it change any quicker and only agitates the situation. Be calm, enjoy this time.

9) Try not to be distracted

Try to focus on one thing at a time. When your mind is racing on several different issues, this will result in none of them being productive.

10) Start and end your day on a positive note

Start the day with the thought it will be the best day ever. After all, it is the only one you can control. End the day thinking about positive things as well, ready to rest your mind and body. Accept the things that did not go as planned, but focus on the things that did go exactly as you had hoped.

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