Managing Client Passwords

Virtual Assistants, are you finding it harder and harder to keep your client’s passwords organized? With the many apps, software programs, and websites you log into and out of all day long, quick access to client files goes a long way to making you more productive and keeping you sane!

Living in a digital world, virtual assistants are finding they are accumulating and storing a mind-boggling amount of passwords for numerous clients. If using antiquated, slow systems like a spreadsheet, data base, or worse pen and paper to keep client passwords organized, VAs are wasting valuable time. And what if a company password gets lost? Rest assured…there is a way to forego the embarrassment of having to ask clients to provide the information again.

Password management tools lighten a virtual assistant’s load

So how does a progressive virtual assistant keep it all together and not waste endless hours of searching for and typing passwords? Resource plug-ins such as LastPass and PasswordBox just might be the answer that helps you breeze through your day. These online tools eliminate the hassle of remembering and storing passwords that slow you down every time you have to sign into company programs or accounts. Simply save passwords into the password management program one time and it is instantly saved to your browsers, computers, and mobile devices. Here are some of the features that make programs like LastPast and PasswordBox so appealing:

  • One password does it all – and that’s for everything! These programs manage the login process for you.
  • The password management plug-in is web based, so virtual assistants have access anytime, anywhere to passwords.
  • Synchronizes across all internet browsers, platforms, and computers automatically.
  • One click login – there are no lengthy passwords to be misspelled due to capitalization, characters, and numbers in company generated logins.
  • Safe from keystroke malware – with one click login you don’t type a password so it can’t be stolen. This feature provides clients with peace of mind as well!
  • Automatic password generator creates strong passwords that can’t be decrypted. If a client wants you to create a password, use this password management feature to automatically handle generation. The best part is the password doesn’t need to be remembered by you because it is automatically stored. Just be sure to send the password to the client.

In addition, if you contract out a piece of your work, or assign it to another in your team, you can control what passwords are shared and revoke access if problems arise, or if you need to part ways.

As a VA, if you really want to shine in the eyes of your client, you might want to suggest a password management program to them. If passwords are forgotten or lost, employees lose precious minutes or hours during their day trying to retrieve them from IT managers, call centers, or online accounts loaded with a plethora of security questions!

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