It’s OK to Change

It's OK to Change

We are all familiar with the feeling that something needs to change. The feeling that tells us that things just aren’t working. Perhaps it’s just that little anxious feeling that slowly gets worse, or that overwhelming slam that just hits us.

Those feelings can prompt quick or thoughtless actions (that lead to massive change), or they can cause fear and anxiety because change is simply too hard but still feels necessary. Within this, there is a balance, a middle ground where we can find ways to change these things and start to make powerful, life-altering decisions.

First, remember that your life is part of a larger whole, one that is connected to many other things. Often, big things can come from small changes. Some problems do require larger changes and it is best to examine your options closely before acting. Be sure clearly understand your problem and attempt to take a look at your whole life. It is important to include your lifestyle, your job, and your connections to others, while making this assessment.

Pinpoint what isn’t working in your life and make a note of it. Write it down as it is, how you feel it is. Physically writing down a truth can be the first strong step towards making a change. For instance, “I don’t like my job.” Seriously, I love my clients and the work I do, but work with me for example’s sake.

Then, work out exactly what needs to change and how you can make being to make that change. If you aren’t happy with your job because you’re not working enough hours then sit down with your boss and talk about the option of getting more work. If the option isn’t possible and no change can be made then start the process of moving on from your job.

Accepting the need for change in life is the key to making those changes. Our lives are like living, breathing creatures and they reflect who we are. As we make changes, we may also need to change other aspects of our lives that are directly affected by these changes, like our jobs, relationships and environment.

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