How a Virtual Assistant Can Improve Your Business

Almost any business person can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. Whether you’re a manager with several staff members or a solopreneur, a virtual assistant can help you to improve your business. Period.

The use of remote team members has become much more common place and is socially acceptable. “Outsourcing” in no longer a dirty word. Your remote team can reduce the cost of expanding your business while still increasing your profits. Most virtual assistants have a varied skill set, though most people associate them with only secretarial work. In reality, many VAs also offer other skills like writing blog posts, doing basic graphic design work & tweaks, doing HTML and WordPress work, and so on.

Let’s face it, traditional hiring of new people is time consuming and expensive. The logistics of interviewing, hiring, training, setting up tech and a work space .. well, that’s just the start. All these steps add up and become an expensive move forward. Fortunately, if you hire a virtual assistant, most (but not all) of those steps aren’t necessary.

If you are considering hiring a virtual assistant, but still aren’t sure how they can help you to improve your business, consider these five benefits.

1. No Need to Buy New Equipment or Set up a New Workspace

Setting up a new computer and work space is costly, but with a virtual assistant, you have no physical locations to adjust. You have no new computer to buy and configure, and no key cards to program. Most VAs already have the software required to do more specialized tasks, like graphic design, and they have their own phone. Since you’re probably not their first client, they will also have the experience to get up and running without much additional support from you or your tech department.

2. No Need for Expensive Training After You Hire

Many VAs have a specialty or two, so you should be able to find one that has experience working within your industry. Virtual assistants are known to specialize in areas such as real estate, legal work, medical terminology, and internet marketing, just to name a few. You can find a VA urgently that fits your specific needs. They will be trained and ready to go, hopefully with no other time restraints. Most virtual assistants work for multiple clients, so it’s important to have a conversation about deadlines and expectations at the start.

3. No Need to Hire Until You Need the Help

Hiring an employee requires a great deal of paperwork, not to mention a commitment to having someone permanently on your payroll. Virtual assistants aren’t employees, they’re independent contractors. They can be used on an “on demand” basis. This gives a business great flexibility and the ability to take on additional business when it comes up. Extra workers can immediately be brought on to pick up the extra workload.

4. No Need to Limit Your Hiring to One Country or Region

Virtual assistants are business owners in their own country, and thus are paid based on their own country’s currency. If you are in the UK, contracting a US or Canadian virtual assistant can create a massive cost savings. That said, if you are committed to providing a socially responsible business, then focus your VA search on local virtual assistants .. trust me, there is one near you.

5. No Need to Limit Your Business Geographically

Expanding your business into remote areas is easier if you have a local VA that can help. Given that they are familiar with the culture, language, and business practices of their local area, they can handle all kinds of queries and calls. They can also do outreach and visit places physically — something that you wouldn’t be able to do yourself.

It’s important to be clear with your VA about what your expectations are. Many VAs have no problem with you calling them any time of day with a task, while others have very clear restrictions as to when they are available to work or take calls.

There are many reasons to consider a VA, and their growing popularity is proof of that. Businesses can experience quick growth by hiring independent contractors, as well as increasing the overall skill set of their company. Try outsourcing your more basic tasks so your employees can concentrate on higher level ones.

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