Feng Shui to Increase Productivity and Profitability

Many of the corporate majors like Donald Trump, SONY, Disney, etc. have Feng Shui consultants and follow their advice. This is not surprising as Chinese people are using this method for more than 5000 years to bring prosperity and enhance health and relationship. Regrettably there can be no perfect Feng Shui structure since each building has inherent positive and negative energies, depending on the place, direction and the time of construction.

For many centuries, Feng Shui has been mistaken as a faith system. In fact, it is a science akin to acupuncture. Both of them work on the energy system known as Qi (or Chi). In acupuncture, the imbalances of the energy in the body is correct using needles. In comparison, Feng Shui uses the five elements of nature to correct the negative energy and support positive energy in the office or working environment. On direct translation Feng Shui means Wind Water and both these elements have currents which support the movement of Qi.

All the Feng Shui remedies which you are using must blend with the décor and should be so positioned that air circulation actually contact them. If you spot out any of these and ask you the reasons for having these odd things, then you are creating Sha Chi, meaning bad energy. Whatever is offends you senses, including a bad smell emitting from the trash bin, creates Shi.

Knowingly, or unknowingly, we all are practicing Feng Shui in our daily life. When you clean a smelly trash bin, or any other thing you are actually remedying the Sha and practicing Feng Shui. Likewise. when you are turning on a fan or air conditioner in hot summer afternoon or wearing a sweater in a cold morning, you are actually trying to remove the uncomfortable Sha. When turning on a light in a dark room also, you are finding remedy for the Sha. But when the surroundings are too bright, it can cause headaches to you. You can find remedy to this problem by hanging curtain.

When deciding on which of the five elements of nature are needed to remedy your office’s unidentified, invisible and inborn problems, keep in mind that there is no solution fitting all the situations. The reason being is that the mixture of energies in each and every building is unique and are influenced by the Annual Energies according to Chinese calendar. The Chinese Solar Calendar normally begins on 4th of February every year and the Annual Energies shift every year. This gives explanation to change in business prospects we face every year in the same building.

These are a few tips you can implement to improve the Feng Shui impact in your workplace:

Remove Clutter

When your office or workplace is cluttered, that clutters you mind also affecting your creativity and productivity. Clutter also wastes your time and energy, which can be used productively other ways. When your office is controlled by bad energies, it is like you are going two steps back for every step you go forward. Needless to say this will delay your progress in business.

Avoid View of Bathroom

Regardless of how well you clean and maintain the bathroom, there is always an issue with sanitation that can affect your health and consequently, your own productivity. So keep it closed or change the direction of your chair.

No Dead Plants or Dirty Water

The dead or dying plant or even flowers can have adverse impact on Qi. So ensure that all the plants in the vicinity stay healthy. Likewise never allow dirty water near your office to avoid trouble for you.

Openings in Line with One Another

If an opening such as a window or door come in straight line it permits air flow to bring Qi right though the office. But make sure that the openings are really open. Otherwise the flow of energy will stop.

Avoid Sitting in Line with the Door

When you sit in straight line with the door, you come under the direct hit of Qi, which is not desirable. Change your position or close the slightly to avoid this, if you have an option, or place a tall plant to block the direct hit.

Sharp Corners

When a sharp corner in an odd-shaped room points at the door or chair, it is considered as ‘Angle or Metal Sha.’ You can remedy this problem by rounding the sharp edge by concealing the edge or changing the position of the chair.

Place Your Back to Wall

The walls can provide a feeling of relaxation and safety which can improve productivity. If you have to sit with a window towards your back, keep it closed.

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Image credit: Day 3/366…..Fire, Wood & Stone by Denise Cross | CC BY 2.0