Eliminate These Destructive Personal Habits

I love shopping .. a little too much 🙂 I like to know what something costs, so that I can properly budget, know when I can splurge, when something is a good deal and when I need to price match.

If you were to put a price tag on you (not your business) .. what does that look like? Are you a Corolla, or are you a Corvette? While a Corolla is a great dependable car, I can personally assure you, a Corvette has just about every bell and whistle, every amenity, and .. well .. it does have more under the hood 🙂

What does that have to do with today’s blog post? Quite a bit!

Did you know that most of us each day underestimate our skills and talents? You can be your own worst enemy at times. A little bit of self-negativity can slow you down and make you miss some great opportunities that come your way.

These destructive habits need to go!

You never believe in yourself

You know a personal pep talk gets you out of a funk. On the flip side, having a personal Debbie Downer rant is a force to be reckoned with. It can totally bring you (and others around you) down and significantly halt productivity. Example: you tell yourself that you are not ready for a promotion, or you are never disciplined, or you don’t have the aptitude to be a boss, you are constantly taking yourself out of aspirations and this deters you form reaching our full potential.

You don’t own your unique self

You can learn from others, however do not think what your over is insignificance more so that you need to copy someone else way of working as well as style. The things that you do that are “all you” make you unique .. that makes you stand out. Revel in your uniqueness and own it! Mom was right: just be yourself (psst .. don’t tell her I said that; I’ll never hear the end of it).

You care too much what other people think

The urge to be liked and respected is basic human nature. When you only value others opinions and not your own, then you are damaging yourself.

It’s one thing to listen and heed sage advice from a coach, mentor, or consultant. You take what they say, digest it and then make it your own and put it into production. That’s healthy.

Trying to keep up with the Joneses? Not healthy.

You compare yourself with others

Any time you hold the full, complex of reality of life up against what you can see of others then it will be easily to see how less you are. If you are just looking for people to compare with then look at those who are less and still struggling with their self- then you will be grateful on how successive you are with the many achievements hence committing yourself to sharing your blessing.

You surround yourself with negativity

There are always people with issues ready to cut down other people else’s success and lodge on the iniquitousness of a situation moreover in the workplaces. Most of the time these kinds of people are masking in their own fears of failure, hence allowing yourself to be exposed to such negativity will indeed have a bad influence on your attitude. Keep in contact with positive people who bring goodies in your life and always choose your relationship wisely.

You indulge in pessimism

Any time you catch yourself thinking of how you don’t have a chance of things that will never work you need to immediately shut down that thinking prior it created a self-fulfilling prophesy. You only need to focus on what you can do instead of what you can do and don’t worry on what you can’t.

You criticize yourself relentlessly

Did you know that self-improvement needs a bit of critique- and believe we all have flaws? Any time your flaws you are damaging your strengths. Don’t dwell on your mistakes; however dismiss your success as luck as you will be undermining yourself the wrong way. You need more respect than you show people around you.

You don’t trust yourself

Did you know that your intuitions come from innate talent as well as years of experience it will work if you have faith? This however doesn’t mean that you don’t challenge your instincts or questions. Hold your guts feeling up to reality as its very important part of the discernment. If you keen second-guessing your own judgment then you have a huge problem.

You don’t let yourself speak up

Did you know your silence can be a mistake for ignorance or apathy? Do not quiet your own voice always say what you want and ask what you need. Even if you feel that others have overpowered you it’s crucial that you say what in your mind.

You’re no longer curious

Its curiosity that ignites you to do great things hence letting go your curiosity is an indirect way of holding yourself back. Always keep your mind active and questioning.

You dismiss compliments

Any time you repel compliments say with a self-deprecating remark , your will be benefiting for not only selling yourself short, but also challenge other people judgments. If you accept compliments graciously doesn’t earn you any egomaniac.

You limit yourself

When you feel totally unworthy or even undeserving of success you end up not even trying, hence trying to offer you a wide horizon with rooms of your dreams, ambitions as well as thoughts.

If you’ve been underrating yourself, stop your destructive habits as well as start doing things your future self will thank you for.

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