4 Reasons to End a Client Relationship

4 Reasons for Ending a Client Relationship

Nobody likes saying goodbye. Sometimes, whether the relationship is of a personal or business nature, the ultimate ending of it is inevitable. Being an entrepreneur you may find it necessary to cut ties with associates due to a variety of reasons – personality clashes, they aren’t prompt with payments, or they are inconsistent with everyRead more

Solopreneurs Can Benefit from Co-Working Spaces

Solopreneurs Can Benefit from Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces are the modern take on business networking, collaboration and productivity. As a solopreneur, they are a great alternative to the home office, and certainly more cost effective than leasing traditional commercial office space.

5 Ways to Manage Your Time When You Work at Home

When moving from a traditional corporate job to a working at home professional, many people have a hard time adjusting. They either become a tad bit l.a.z.y. or burnout. Today, let’s talk about how to set up your workday so that you are productive, without burning out.

How to Stay Positive as a Virtual Assistant

Sometimes all that alone time as a virtual assistant can have a negative effect on your mind. If you can put your mind in a positive place, nothing can keep you down. Below are 5 ways to boost up your positive attitude, no matter the situation.

Getting Started with a Virtual Team

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Like with any business, it’s important to manage expectations and have clear boundaries. This is even more important with a virtual business so make sure that you have clear, measurable goals in place and that your processes and vision are communicated effectively. Your team always needs to feel supported.

7 Tips to Make Working at Home Work for You

Before you switch from working in a traditional office to working from a home office you will need to set a few rules. These are rules for both your family and for yourself and help keep you focused, and distractions to a minimum. If you have already made the switch, then hopefully you have already worked through these, but if not, read on to discover what you can do to regain some sanity, and get some work done. After all, this is why you became a virtual professional, right?