What it Means to be a Work at Home Professional

What it Means to be a Work at Home Professional

Working from the comfort of your home and being able to work at your own pace are just some of the benefits of the work at home professional. Here are 6 strategies that you should implement into your daily routine to make sure you are on task, transparent and motivated.

5 Ways to Achieve a Work Life Balance for Solopreneurs

Few people will mention one of the most difficult things about being a solopreneur: Won’t it become horribly lonely working by yourself? Sitting in a home office can be quiet and lonely if you’re used a loud, full office. Regardless of whether you are an introvert (yes, isolation can hit us hard too) or an extrovert, every work at home solopreneur can, and will, struggle with your home/work balance. Ready to address that? Here are five ways of tipping that balance.

5 Ways to Manage Your Time When You Work at Home

When moving from a traditional corporate job to a working at home professional, many people have a hard time adjusting. They either become a tad bit l.a.z.y. or burnout. Today, let’s talk about how to set up your workday so that you are productive, without burning out.

How to Stay Positive as a Virtual Assistant

Sometimes all that alone time as a virtual assistant can have a negative effect on your mind. If you can put your mind in a positive place, nothing can keep you down. Below are 5 ways to boost up your positive attitude, no matter the situation.

Mythbusting: Working at Home

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what it’s like to work from home. Is working at home easy? Hard? Challenging? If you’re thinking about making the transition to become a virtual administrative professional, or you already are working from home, you’ve probably heard a few of these already. These myths are prevalent on the internet and tend to pop up in conversations when people are curious about what working from home is really like. Here are the top 12 myths surrounding working in a home-based business.

Burned Out? Here’s 8 Ways to Avoid & Eliminate It

If you aren’t working, you aren’t making money. That’s the express lane to burnout. How can you prevent it or handle it if you’ve already started feeling it? And how can you do so without causing strain on your relationships with your clients? Here are 8 tips to follow when you start feeling like you can’t take it anymore.

Home Office Feng Shui: Using Lighting and Colors

Practicing Feng Shui can be a great way to keep a happy balance in your office space. Continuing with the second installment in our five part series on Feng Shui tips for your home office space, this week we’re talking about light and color.