Benefits of WordPress for Blogs and Websites

The concept of blogging has been with us for over a decade and it has evolved considerably in that time. What started out as an easy and convenient way for individuals to share details about their lives has steadily become a tool companies use to engage and communicate with their customers.

Virtual Assistant Communication: Verifying Deliverables

As with most tasks in life, the essential part of any client/Virtual Assistant relationship is communication. You cannot get tasks completed, and goals achieved, without constant communication, and preparing your own work space is a vital step prior to hiring a Virtual Assistant. Setting up your work space for working with a Virtual Assistant isRead more

Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

Having your own virtual assistant business can conveniently fit into almost any lifestyle, but what does it entail? Virtual assistants are administrative experts, providing a variety of administration, technical and marketing services to clients, often remotely. Communicating with clients is done almost exclusively by telephone, fax and Internet, which is why this is an idealRead more

What is a Paperless Office?

Transforming your office to a paperless office is not something that happens overnight. You need to take step by step. Changing everything at once can become so overwhelming, that you decide not to convert at all. This a process that will be ongoing, and will improve as technology improves. Taking the first step is essential and it is the first step in protecting your planet.

3 Ways to Delegate to Your Virtual Team

One of the benefits of having a Virtual Assistant is that you are able to assign or delegate various tasks to them. Being a small business owner, these are tasks you could normally do yourself, but as your business grows you find you no longer have the time to do so. You know what canRead more

Paperless Office: A Reality Or Illusion? Reality!

Did you hear that? It’s the arrival of paperless office! Both large and small businesses can attain better efficiency, cost reduction as well as other advantages by changing to digital systems to team-up, communicate, manage records and invoices.