How to Save Time by Bookmarking Multiple Google Accounts

Already using Google for work? For multiple clients? For home? It’s a pain switching back and forth between accounts. Here’s how to set up bookmarks to take you directly to the different Google accounts, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Photos and Google+.

Time Saving Tip: Create Your Own Custom Graphic Cheat Sheet

How many times have you needed to create a banner, a header, a cover image, etc. etc. etc. for your business? Just doing your social media covers, banners and buttons can be a slew of time spent making images. Here’s my long winded tip of saving you time when it comes to your graphics. Create your own cheat sheet.

A Simple Way to Create Passwords That You Can Remember

If you are using the same identical password for everything, that’s not good. Period. Inevitably, I have the same conversation with a client at least a few times during the duration of our time together – use “good” passwords. I usually get the same response, “I always use good passwords. I just can’t remember them.”