Conquer Time: Use the One Touch Philosophy

As a busy virtual assistant juggling several clients, I am a firm believer in the “one touch” philosophy. When it comes to managing time and tasks, I find email can be one of technology’s greatest sources of procrastination. You open an email … read it …. decide if it can wait … flag it …. come back to it … and open it again. What does this mean to your virtual assistance business? Time is money and you are letting it tick away or spill over into your personal time.

Managing Client Passwords

Virtual Assistants, are you finding it harder and harder to keep your client’s passwords organized? With the many apps, software programs, and websites you log into and out of all day long, quick access to client files goes a long way to making you more productive and keeping you sane!

Screen Sharing with Join.Me

When you work virtually, you lose the advantage of seeing someone face-to-face, helping them out, pointing to something on a screen. Training can be a challenge when you work remotely, especially with a new client. There are a couple of no-cost options for screen sharing to help you get on board, or for training. Google+Read more

Tools to be a Successful Virtual Assistant

Now more than ever is an exciting time to start your own virtual assistant business. Whether you have been downsized or just want out of the corporate world, then start planning now to launch your own career. The best part is: you determine your income, your hours, your work location, and your clients. You can’t say that working for someone else!

New Hosting .. Going Green: Reasons to Go With Eco-Friendly Web Hosting

It’s that time again .. hosting renewal. We’re changing to new hosts and we wanted to tell you why. Did you know the Internet is not green? Did you know the web hosting trade and businesses is not eco-friendly? Studies in 2005 showed power needed for web hosting servers are similar to the amount ofRead more

The Real Paperless Office

Advances in technology move us closer to the ultimate dream – a paperless office. However, we are still far from completely eliminating paper in our daily lives. In this post we will explore the steps and equipment you can introduce into your routine to trim paper from your life.