How to Make Your Time on Google+ Pay

An important social network that has been overlooked or ignored by all but a niche group is Google+. It remains popular with technology enthusiasts but has recently started gaining traction in the publishing world, especially amongst newspapers and online news sites. There are many features that set Google+ apart from Facebook, and these can be used to maximize opportunities in your business.

Unbelievable Yet True: Pinterest Generates More Traffic Than Twitter

It is unbelievable but true. According to the study conducted by a third party online sharing tool Shareaholic , the social networking website Pinterest which is a virtual pin-board, allowing the users to upload and share photos online, presently generate more traffic than its competitor Twitter. So with regard to drawing traffic referrals, Pinterest >Read more

Benefits of WordPress for Blogs and Websites

The concept of blogging has been with us for over a decade and it has evolved considerably in that time. What started out as an easy and convenient way for individuals to share details about their lives has steadily become a tool companies use to engage and communicate with their customers.

Relevance of +1 in SEO

Can Google+ replace Facebook? Maybe, Maybe not. Ever since the launch of Google+, Facebook is asking this question with a little skepticism and Google is asking this tightly rubbing their fingernails. However our center of attraction here is how Google+ can affect in SEOs. Google, being the alpha-male when it comes to search engines, obviouslyRead more

What is Pinterest?

Social bookmarking has been around since 2003, with Delicious and Digg being two of the most famous services to popularize the sharing of website bookmarks. Pinterest, launched in 2010, took this a step further with the ability to share visual bookmarks. As with other services, you are still bookmarking a site, or article, that youRead more

Social Media Virtual Assistance

As a small business owner, you may find it difficult to manage a Twitter account; monitoring your feed for anyone mentioning your business, and even just posting updates promoting your business. Most corporations have a dedicated department managing their social media, though this is not feasible for small and medium businesses. Management of your social media sites is a function that you should be able to assign to a virtual assistant quite comfortably. Here’s what they can do for you!