Social Media Automation Tips

Social Media Automation Tips

Social media automation can be a great solution for the small business owner, and there are tools available that can help. These automation tools allow you to manage all your social media channels from one central platform. You get all the benefits of social media but in a fraction of the time. However, if you’re considering shifting to social media automation, remember these three key points.

5 Tips for Making Social Media Marketing Work

For businesses today, it’s not uncommon to have multiple social media accounts, across various platforms. For any business wanting to be at the top of their game, it’s a must. Unfortunately, many businesses are lacking the ability to utilize their accounts to their full potential. Business that are not online-based can find social media marketing especially difficult to navigate. Traditionally, marketing has been all about pushing products and the newest thing. In today’s increasingly social environment, this simply doesn’t work anymore. If you want to get past those product-centric tweets and self-advertising status updates, try these five ways of making your social media marketing more successful.

Utilizing a Virtual Assistant to Market Your Blog

Managing a blog can be broken down into tasks that need to completed daily, monthly and 2-3 times a year. Once you understand the frequency of specific tasks you can compile a schedule with your Virtual Assistant that can then form part of their normal routine of work.

Using LinkedIn to Find Clients

Any Virtual Assistant, new or seasoned, should be aware that a large part of your success will depend on lead generation – creating interest or inquiries that ultimately turn into new clients. Having a website is an important component, but it can only generate customers if it is visible and attracting traffic.

Content is King .. Even for Virtual Assistants

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Google Authorship. Should virtual assistants really care? Absolutely! For any VA who has a website, blogs for themselves, or blogs for clients, they should understand how to establish authorship for original content to earn higher page rankings in the search engines.

Deep Searching in Twitter

As a virtual assistant, I’m always searching for content and sometimes it’s quicker and more recent to search through Twitter feeds. Once you’re in Twitter, your eyes glaze over and you realize it’s really hard to find “that tweet from a couple of days ago.”

Searching Twitter isn’t that hard and there are a bunch of ways to search.