Gratitude & Thank You’s

If we can find a way to incorporate this idea of positivity into our daily work day, then we can focus on our well-being. One way of feeling positive emotion is by expressing your gratitude towards others — it’s not a difficult task and has great benefits to your happiness as well as that of others. Saying thank you releases dopamine into our systems, and this regulates our feeling of happiness. Try to write a thank you note to someone at least once a day to boost your happiness .. and theirs too.

Philanthropy and Mentoring in Business: Why It’s a Winning Combination

Random acts of kindness pull at the heartstrings of all of us, sometimes even making us a bit jealous that “it” didn’t happen to us. I suppose that little green monster is in all of humanity, even in its smallest measurable amount. But when was the last time you proffered philanthropy to another? Just soRead more

2013 … That’s a Wrap!

As the end of the year rolls around, I have the tendency to smirk at those who profess their New Year’s Resolutions. While I applaud your efforts for thinking about what goal you want to accomplish, why wait until January 1st, or why not put off things until February 1st? I know, I’m not a lover of procrastination, but hear me out..

Make a Great First Impression with Your New Client: Send Them a Welcome Kit!

The first thing a new Virtual Assistant should provide their clients is a “Welcome Kit” introducing their business to the new client. Designing a welcome kit is absolutely not hard and it is worth the time and effort spent on it. I’ve even written about this before .. it’s that important! It goes a longRead more