Deep Searching in Twitter

As a virtual assistant, I’m always searching for content and sometimes it’s quicker and more recent to search through Twitter feeds. Once you’re in Twitter, your eyes glaze over and you realize it’s really hard to find “that tweet from a couple of days ago.”

Searching Twitter isn’t that hard and there are a bunch of ways to search.

Read it Later: A Google+ to Evernote Lifesaver

Throughout the course of the day, there is a tremendous amount of information that passes across my screen. I am eternally grateful that I get paid by clients to read and somehow, I have the feeling that they like that I can read fast. However, there are times when you’re sitting there thinking, “I should take the time to read this at my leisure,” or “I should really save that snippet of noggin knowledge. I know I’ll need that at a later date.” I find this happening more and more in Google+, where I spend a healthy majority of my social media time.

So “read it later” means staying in my office after hours to read? Pft! No!!

Screen Sharing with Join.Me

When you work virtually, you lose the advantage of seeing someone face-to-face, helping them out, pointing to something on a screen. Training can be a challenge when you work remotely, especially with a new client. There are a couple of no-cost options for screen sharing to help you get on board, or for training. Google+Read more

How to Make Your Time on Google+ Pay

An important social network that has been overlooked or ignored by all but a niche group is Google+. It remains popular with technology enthusiasts but has recently started gaining traction in the publishing world, especially amongst newspapers and online news sites. There are many features that set Google+ apart from Facebook, and these can be used to maximize opportunities in your business.

Relevance of +1 in SEO

Can Google+ replace Facebook? Maybe, Maybe not. Ever since the launch of Google+, Facebook is asking this question with a little skepticism and Google is asking this tightly rubbing their fingernails. However our center of attraction here is how Google+ can affect in SEOs. Google, being the alpha-male when it comes to search engines, obviouslyRead more

3 Ways to Delegate to Your Virtual Team

One of the benefits of having a Virtual Assistant is that you are able to assign or delegate various tasks to them. Being a small business owner, these are tasks you could normally do yourself, but as your business grows you find you no longer have the time to do so. You know what canRead more

Green Tech for Home Office

As the green movement has gained momentum over the past few years, so too has the rate of eco-friendly technological innovations. Even though past technology has, in many ways, impacted negatively on the environment, many innovators are now working to reverse this, and in some cases are even improving on old technology. Here we examineRead more

Importing Contacts into Outlook … CSV or PST?

The easiest way to import contacts into Outlook is using a CSV (Comma Separated Values) spreadsheet. You can input the information into Excel, then do a File –> Save As and change the file type to CSV (ex. Contacts.csv). You will note that the icon for the file is a slightly different Excel icon, too.Read more