Paperless: Bury it Before it Buries You

The steps outlined below are suggestions, and as such it is up to you to decide which you can implement, and which you cannot. The nature of your business and the documents it produces and holds significantly influence this decision. In any business, documents can be divided into two sets – those that have to be retained for specific period of time, and those that do not. Digitizing documents is much more affordable, and easier, than it used to be, but you are still advised to investigate which documents can be digitized.

The Real Paperless Office

Advances in technology move us closer to the ultimate dream – a paperless office. However, we are still far from completely eliminating paper in our daily lives. In this post we will explore the steps and equipment you can introduce into your routine to trim paper from your life.

Paper Matters vs. Paperless Office

It will take time for society to crossover completely from paper to a paperless office. Perhaps it never will happen, or maybe a technology will be developed where original documents can be stored safely without being altered. Until that day, paper matters. Meanwhile society should concentrate on not using paper when paperless is an alternative, and to practice eco-friendly habits.

The Green Workplace

Implementing an eco-friendly, or green lifestyle, is not limited to your home only. It is a concept you can easily introduce into your workplace, whether you work from home, or in a corporate office. Look at any of these ideas, which if implemented, can significantly reduce your environmental impact