5 Ways To Have an Eco-friendly Work Place

Most people spend the majority of their day at their office. You become someone else when it comes to your habits. At home you will plan your meals, for example, at the office you’ll eat food high in carbohydrates that you normally won’t eat at home. It’s as if you are more resourceful at homeRead more

Paperless Technology in Your Home Office

Continuing from the first part in this series, we’re here to talk about going paperless. Stay tuned .. part three will be forthcoming! When transforming your office to a paperless office, you need help. There are paperless systems and technologies that can be used by large companies, but also by people working from home. YouRead more

What is a Paperless Office?

Transforming your office to a paperless office is not something that happens overnight. You need to take step by step. Changing everything at once can become so overwhelming, that you decide not to convert at all. This a process that will be ongoing, and will improve as technology improves. Taking the first step is essential and it is the first step in protecting your planet.

6 Ways Your Computer is Eco-Friendly

Being eco-friendly is not a strange occurrence in today’s world. Once you decide to go green, there are many ways you can implement it in your daily life. Recycling, compost, commuting, electricity and trash are a few areas that you can apply eco-friendliness. Have you considered the affect and effect your computer can have onRead more

Be Eco-Friendly Every Day

It is easy to say you are eco-friendly, but have you actually noted to what extend you are really eco-friendly on any given day? Do you have eco-friendly habits, or are your attempts halfheartedly? Not because you don’t want to, but life happens and then you forget. Here is a walk-through of tips in havingRead more

10 Steps to a Green Office at Home

Working from home is already a step in the direction of becoming eco-friendly. By not driving to work, less pollution is released into the atmosphere from gas consumption. This is the first step you have taken towards a green office or workspace at home. Wahooo! There are three things that embrace eco-friendly basics, namely reduce,Read more

Moving To Green Office Space

Office space .. who needs it? Maybe us someday! With all the new initiatives that we have undertaken in 2009, down the road we just may need to move out of the home office and into new digs. Businesses need office space. Green conscious businesses will want to operate from eco-friendly building space. Is itRead more