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The Woes of Eco-Friendliness at Conventions .. and Ideas for Being Green

Out of the Office Virtual Assistance is participating in another upcoming conference – Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce’s small BIZ VT summit next month. While we are excited to exhibit and meet some great folks, there is always that gut-tightening feeling. No .. I’m not talking about nerves. I reserve that for the 2-3 days before the conference. What eats away at my psyche is finding eco-friendly collateral materials and promotional items to have in our booth.

Working hard to maintain our green policies, it can be very challenging, and somewhat disheartening, to plan for a conference. The obvious “gimmicks” – disposable pens, post-it’s, key chains, etc. When you remove plastics and disposables, you’re not left with many affordable options. Since we run paperless, using a promotional item such as journals, are hypocritical. So what are some other options?…