Controlling your Email Chaos with Gmail

Email. The bane of our existence but something no business can exist without. Like a wild animal, email can be tamed and turned into something that we manage, rather than being managed by. Gmail is an outstanding email client, not only because it is free and gives you easy access to your mail no matter where you are, but also because of the powerful tools it includes to help you tame the beast. Let us take a look at some of these features, including some you might not be aware of.

Virtual Assistants – Have you Mastered the Art of Saying No to Clients?

Learning to say NO is really important in any business, but even more so when you’re a solopreneur or small business owner. You want to say YES to everything, even to the low paying clients .. because .. well .. they are a client and who can afford to lose the business?

Screen Sharing with Join.Me

When you work virtually, you lose the advantage of seeing someone face-to-face, helping them out, pointing to something on a screen. Training can be a challenge when you work remotely, especially with a new client. There are a couple of no-cost options for screen sharing to help you get on board, or for training. Google+Read more

How to Use YouTube Videos to Train Your Virtual Assistant

One of the most important details to pay attention to when hiring a virtual assistant is how effectively you communicate your existing systems and processes to them. This includes what you expect from them, what your deadlines are, and what your required standards are for each assigned task. If the virtual assistant is based inRead more

4 Methods Knowing Your Virtual Assistant Is Working

Trust .. you have to have it! One of the main reasons a virtual assistant is hired, is to lighten your current workload. This happens when delegating some of your work to the virtual assistant. This should enhance your productivity because there are now two people working, instead of one. Furthermore your time is freedRead more

Delegating Tasks to Your Virtual Assistant

The purpose of why you hired a virtual assistant is to delegate tasks to the virtual assistant, allowing you to have more free time to do other income generating activities in your business. While the virtual assistant takes care of clerical tasks, customer support, schedule appointments, administrative duties, generate leads, and data management, you have theRead more

Virtual Assistant Communication: Verifying Deliverables

As with most tasks in life, the essential part of any client/Virtual Assistant relationship is communication. You cannot get tasks completed, and goals achieved, without constant communication, and preparing your own work space is a vital step prior to hiring a Virtual Assistant. Setting up your work space for working with a Virtual Assistant isRead more

What Do Clients REALLY Want? A Partner!

As an administrative expert, virtual assistants are expected to guide the client in creating strong administrative principles in the business. This can only be achieved through a combination of leadership and knowledge sharing, not by waiting for the client to tell you what to do.