Paper Matters vs. Paperless Office

It will take time for society to crossover completely from paper to a paperless office. Perhaps it never will happen, or maybe a technology will be developed where original documents can be stored safely without being altered. Until that day, paper matters. Meanwhile society should concentrate on not using paper when paperless is an alternative, and to practice eco-friendly habits.

The Green Workplace

Implementing an eco-friendly, or green lifestyle, is not limited to your home only. It is a concept you can easily introduce into your workplace, whether you work from home, or in a corporate office. Look at any of these ideas, which if implemented, can significantly reduce your environmental impact

Tips for Working at Home with Kids

One of the greatest advantages of working from home is saving time. One of the greatest time savers in not needing to travel to and from work, it takes you 2 seconds to get to your office at home. This allows you more time with your family. However, there are challenges as well. Working from home with children, needs adjustment, for you and your family. How do you accomplish it? Here are 6 pointers how to work from home with children.

10 Ways a Small Business Can Take Advantage of Contracting a Virtual Assistant

Contracting a Virtual Assistant (VA) is probably the best business decision you may ever take. Seriously! An efficient virtual assistant can help you deal with the day-to-day administrative chores, so that you can concentrate on other productive. Listed below are ten ways in which a VA can support you.

Calendar Planning Tips

Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook have a lot of similar features, and the preference of one over the other ultimately comes down to your own needs. The following 7 steps are aimed at current users of Google Calendar, and those thinking of switching soon. They examine ways in which you can use Google Calendar to improve your scheduling and give you a clearer view of what events and deadlines are coming up.

Social Media Virtual Assistance

As a small business owner, you may find it difficult to manage a Twitter account; monitoring your feed for anyone mentioning your business, and even just posting updates promoting your business. Most corporations have a dedicated department managing their social media, though this is not feasible for small and medium businesses. Management of your social media sites is a function that you should be able to assign to a virtual assistant quite comfortably. Here’s what they can do for you!

Overhead Expenses High? Consider Outsourcing!

Outsourcing of services is not exclusively for large corporate business – it is a practice that can benefit business operations of any size. The benefit of outsourcing could reflect not only in reduced overheads, but also in improved productivity. Some businesses need to have full-time employees for certain functions, but many small and medium businesses don’t always have enough tasks to keep full-time employees busy all of the time. This is compounded by the burden of having to manage additional administrative functions. Having a Virtual Assistant eliminates this, allowing you to focus on growing your business and serving your clients.

3 Misconceptions of Working From Home

Although more people are working from home, the expectations of the general public could differ from the actual reality. The perception is still that when you are self-employed it is because you are lazy for work. You are your own boss, so you can work for a few hours a day and spend the rest of the day doing nothing. This is probably the greatest misconception out there today. It’s time to remove some misconceptions and replace with fact.