8 Tips for Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to set your personal brand apart from all the rest .. and it’s a valuable tool for finding new clients for your virtual assistant practice. Not only does it help with client searches, it keeps you looking professional and up to date with current trends and technologies. Period.

Here are 8 sure ways to set your profile above the others.

Have a professional photo

I shared a recent Business 2 Community article in social media called, 8 Things to Avoid in Your LinkedIn Profile Photo and it’s fabulous! Bottom line .. yes, have a photo (no default silhouette, please) but make is a professional looking photo. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do it yourself, but make it look like you paid for it 😉 First impressions are still very important!

Keep it updated

Your profile with your experience is the key factor in setting you apart from the others. The majority of your time should be spent customizing it and keeping it up to date and fresh. Include job details, names of supervisors and keep the dates accurate from your corporate life. It also includes sharing relevant content, publishing a Pulse post from your recent blog entry, and participating in group conversations. Do not forget your accomplishments; this is your time to shine. Be sure to mention what sets you apart from all your competitors

Take advantage of keywords

We know that google search engine can make or break any website as far as getting an adequate amount of hits, or visits. Your LinkedIn profile is not different. Be sure to use the words that will be searched when looking for services just like yours .. and also be sure not to stuff the keywords. Make your copy sound like “normal” conversational copy .. not stuffing the keyword over and over and over and over and over.

Be wise when choosing connections

Make it a point to reach out to recent contacts so that you can develop a report with these professionals. People are more than likely to remember you if you make contact immediately verses a year after initial meeting or event.

Share you wisdom

Post your personal thoughts, sayings or witty quotes. This makes you more memorable that your competitors. Also posting articles that are relevant to your field with keep your audience coming back for more.

Keep recommendations personal but professional

No one likes a generic referral. Be sure to list personal attributes but at the same time keep it professional. Be specific and detailed.

Keep invitations personal

Again, no one likes the generic message that seems to have been meant for everyone. “ I would like to add you to my LinkedIn network..” Use names and indicate why you would like to have this person in your network. List common goals or traits and if possible, recant where you met.

Customize your URL

If possible, pick a URL that really stands out. The main rules of networking are to avoid being generic!

Free profile upgrades

Most often LinkedIn will offer a standard profile upgrade for a 30-day trial. Use this to your advantage. Its free! Try it out .. reach out to people that you’ve wanted to and see if there is a mutual connection. Otherwise, cancel before your trial runs out.

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