5 Ways to Achieve a Work Life Balance for Solopreneurs

Anyone starting their own business has probably been warned regarding just about every aspect of the process. Do you know how hard it is for new businesses to survive and become successful? What about your retirement fund? Don’t you want stability?

Strangely, few people will mention one of the most difficult things about being a solopreneur: Won’t it become horribly lonely working by yourself?

Sitting in a home office can be quiet and lonely if you’re used to a loud, full office. It’s certainly thrilling to be your own boss but you have to be careful to not allow yourself to become totally isolated. Your well-being, and that of your business, greatly benefits from you not isolating yourself like a hermit.

Regardless of whether you are an introvert (yes, isolation can hit us hard too) or an extrovert, every work at home solopreneur can, and will, struggle with your home/work balance. Ready to address that? Here are five ways of tipping that balance.

1. Join an Association specific to your trade or industry.

For every industry, there’s most likely an Association you can join. Find the one within your industry that suits you the best and join it. Make a point of going to their events, like summits, tradeshows, networking events, or luncheons. Whether you go as a guest or as a volunteer, what’s important is to get out amongst your peers and reduce your isolation. As an added bonus, it will also help you to make great contacts and increase the visibility and authority you have within your industry.

2. Don’t consistently work every weekend and week night.

It’s very easy to focus all of your attention on a new business or project. Most of the time, we can feel like there’s no other option than to work non-stop on something. There are times where this may actually be necessary, like with a launch or a deadline, but it shouldn’t always be the standard. If it’s happening consistently, and having a day or night off just never happens, you need to stop and make some adjustments to your lifestyle before you burn yourself out.

3. Don’t avoid doing business face to face.

Just because you’re working from home, on your own, doesn’t mean that you can’t conduct business outside of your home office. Face to face meetings with your customers, clients, or partners should still be considered. This is a good habit to have in general, because it helps to keep your relationships strong. It does also have the added benefit of reducing that level of isolation we’re trying to avoid.

4. Look for opportunities within your community.

Someone who is successfully running their own business has something to share with others — knowledge. Consider teaching in your community, and sharing your experiences with others. There are always schools or community education centers that are looking for teachers and mentors to stop in and help students. This not only helps your community, but it allows you to share what you know and to make a positive difference.

5. Socialize with other entrepreneurs in your area.

There are other business owners who struggle with the loneliness and isolation of working alone, and many of them may be in your region. Attending local events for entrepreneurs may help you to find others in your area that you can connect with.

You don’t necessarily to have be a one-man-show to feel the loneliness of being in business for yourself. Many times, having a few employees won’t make a difference because you’re the boss, not their friend. They have their work to do and they get to leave it behind them at the end of every day. Regardless of whether or not you work alone, if you’re feeling lonely or isolated, try breaking the cycle and make a change.

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