5 Content Marketing Strategies

Marketing is important, in fact, it’s what most business owners spend the most time doing. However, it’s also important to prioritize. There are plenty of ways to get the marketing that you need done without taking up all your time and resources. Below are a few tips to have an effective content marketing strategy while keeping focused.

Know Your Target Audience.

Before you decide on the content you’re going to use, think of your audience. What are they expecting? How can your posts be hassle free, and save time and money? It’s common for businesses to omit specific pricing information online, but if your readers are likely to be looking for that information, it’s worth considering including that information. You can also post comparisons and other articles to encourage trust and transparency. If you’re not sure what your customers want, ask them how you can help them online. Communication with your audience is key.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity.

On many feeds, frequent posting is what keeps you at the top. But if the information you’re sharing isn’t really getting much traction, your business isn’t benefiting. Sometimes a weekly blog post full of meaning and information is better than five others that aren’t that great at all. If your customers are more interested in viewing your posts and they see you as an authority on the subject, you’ll get more traffic and better ratings thus being put above the rest by search engines.

Lean Towards Research.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with something to post, look at statistics. Interesting research articles and findings are a big attraction for readers. Do your own research for some studies or numbers that you think your readers will enjoy and share that with them. Infographics are also a good thing to share as they are informative and interesting. You could even conduct your own research using free polling tools or by professionally conducted surveys. Original research studies are always an intriguing subject for your audience.

Share Some Images.

Photos are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be. Online images can give exclusive online previews of new products or services as well as a background look at your business, that they won’t find anywhere else. There’s even an option of asking your customers to tag your business in related posts or photos on social media sites to extend your reach. Find images that help tell your companies story, to captivate and delight your readers. Pictures are highly shareable and interesting which will helps to increase your marketing reach over many online platforms.

Watch For Success.

Keep an eye on how your posts do. Watch for how much traffic they brought and how well they were liked or disliked. This information tells you what information and content your readers find interesting and enjoy. If a particular post generated more traffic than usual, you should post more about whatever subject it was about. There is an array of both paid and free analytics software that can help you track these statistics, saving you time and ensuring that get the information you need.

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