Home Office Feng Shui: Using Lighting and Colors

Continuing with the second installment in our five part series on Feng Shui tips for your home office space, this week we’re talking about light and color. If you missed the first post, Organizing Your Furniture, now is the time to catch up.

Practicing Feng Shui can be a great way to keep a happy balance in your office space. The key elements of water, fire, wood, and earth can help you find a calm balance and lead to more energy and productivity.

Part Two – Using Lighting and Colors

Use Warm-Toned Bulbs

It’s important to choose light bulbs that spread feelings of warmth throughout your space. Warm-toned or full-spectrum lights can make a huge difference to your room. Always avoid using noisy fluorescent lights.

Have Natural Lighting

If you have a choice, always choose an office space with at least one window. Make sure that you install curtains or blinds so that you can adjust the light as needed. Glares or painfully bright light should be avoided, but letting in natural light will help you to keep track of the day and stay tuned into your environment.

Focus Your Lighting

Depending on the overhead lighting that you have in your office space, you may have to rely heavily on natural lighting and lamps. Desktop lamps allow focused control of lighting and can reduce harsh glares from natural or overhead lighting. Lamp lighting can also increase visibility and increase concentration simply by directing your attention to whatever the light is shining on.

Reds – Brighten Your Mood

The bolder shades of red are believed to create feelings of happiness and abundance. Using too much strong red can create a negative energy full of agitation and anger, so try to use red as an accent color. Brightening up a room with red accents might even bring you good fortune.

Blues – Incorporating Water

Using the color blue is an easy way to add the element of water into your space. It’s a soothing color that improves your productivity and helps to promote good energies. This color is best used on the ceiling, the southeast area of a room, or the east area of a room.

Greens – Soothing Energy

As well as adding a little bit of personality to a room, greens add growth, freshness, and a sense of peace. By adding a pillow or two of one of the softer hues you will also add a soothing energy.

Use Earth Tones

When using green, yellow, or brown, stick to the more subtle or soothing shades known as earth tones. Their close association to nature will make people feel more at ease and comfortable. Consider using these colors for curtains or rugs.

Incorporate Metals

Not only will metal help you to use one of the key elements, but it will also allow for reflection of natural light. Metallic surfaces or accents will subtly brighten up a room.

Maximize with Mirrors

To make your office feel less cramped and more open, make sure you have mirrors on the walls. Rooms will appear larger than they are and positive energy and light will be able to move from room to room. Mirrors also help you see areas that you wouldn’t normally be able to see, like what’s behind you while you’re sitting at your desk.

Keep Color Balance

Too much of one color will create an imbalance in your Feng Shui, leaving your space vulnerable to a particular element. There must be a balance of color in your office, and this can become a fun experience in interior design. Try to use accessories to gain your balance.

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